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Residence permit in Belarus.

The residence permit in Belarus is an official document which stands out to the foreign citizens who are constantly living on the territory of Republic of Belarus, on certain bases. Speaking a simple language it is a so-called second passport, which provides to foreign citizens the same rights, which are provided for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus (the right to employment, the free medical care, visa registration in the embassies being on the territory of the Republic Belarus and etc) Residence permit registration – procedure simple, but for this purpose there should be certain bases. The bases for receiving residence permit are:

  • Official marriage with the citizen of the Republic Belarus;
  • Family reunion;
  • Investments into the economy of the Republic Belarus not less than 150 000 euro (or realization of state programs);
  •  Possession exclusive talents and possibilities in the field of sports, science, equipment or culture;
  •  Continuous accommodation of the foreign citizens on the territory of Republic Belarus on the lawful bases;
  • Presence of close relatives which are the citizens of the Belarus who are constantly living on the territory of the republic.

Also, foreign citizens to whom the status of the refugee (or the shelter on  the territory of the republic of Belarus is  guaranteed), citizens who are ethnic Belarusians (blood relatives on the direct descending line is provided can count on receiving residence permit) and also those someone has the basis for acquisition of nationality of the Belarus in an order of registration.

 Note: real estate existence on the territory of the Republic Belarus isn't the basis for providing residence permit on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

 For residence permit registration, the following package of documents is necessary:

  • The autobiography;
  • The document handwritten in which all personal data of the applicant (by a full name, date of birth, marital status, data of members of the family, labor activity are specified and other);
  • The filled questionnaire of the established form;
  • The invitation from the citizen of Republic Belarus which is made out in the form of the statement in Embassy of the Republic of Belarus and contains all necessary data on the inviting person. Thus the signature of the inviting person should be certified notarial;
  •  The statement in which the reasons and motives of moving, data on the inviting person should be specified;
  •  X-copies of pages of the valid passport of the citizen (or other document which provides the bases for trip abroad) on which data on his owner (in particular contain, a full name, a birth date and birth place);
  •  Documents on existence or lack of a criminal record in the state of civil accessory (for persons from 14 years and more) - the medical certificate about a state of health (data on existence / absence of diseases of the established list which represent health hazard of citizens of the Republic Belarus should contain);
  • Four photos one leaf in the size of 40х50 mm;
  • The copies of documents confirming existence of the bases for receiving residence permit in Belarus, provided by the Legislation of Republic of Belarus (Art. 50 “About a legal status of foreigners and persons without nationality in Belarus”);
  •  The document with a mark about departure from the previous residence, given out by appropriate bodies;
  •  The receipt on payment of the state tax for petition registration on residence permits registration;
  • The receipt on payment of the state duty for consideration of documents on continuous residence in the Republic of Belarus.

 Besides the listed documents for registration of permission to continuous accommodation in Belarus are necessary:

  •  Documents which confirm registration possibility in a place of prospective accommodation;
  •  Documents which confirm close relationship with the citizen of Belarus (the inviting person), and also the documents confirming existence of the corresponding living conditions (not less than 20 m of kV on the person) and a lawful source of the income which provides a necessary living wage to it and members of his family, established in Belarus at date of submission of documents;
  • For the foreign citizens who have reached 18 summer age the petition for receiving the right to family reunion - the documents confirming absence of marriage in the state of civil accessory or a former residence (the exception makes reunion of spouses) is necessary.

Term of consideration makes 3 months from the date of submission of documents in appropriate bodies. At the positive solution of a question, to the foreign citizen the residence permit in Belarus within 2 stands out years. After the established period expiration, at existence at the foreign citizen of permission to continuous accommodation in Belarus, to it the new residence permits in Belarus within 5th stands out years. When receiving residence permit, it is necessary to pay the state duty at a rate of 1th base size (Belarus established by the Legislation at date of payment). After receiving residence permit the foreign citizen is obliged to issue registration in the place of residence in the terms established by the law.