Tourists in Belarus.

Belarus is not only heart of Europe, but also very attractive country for foreign tourists. Germans, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Poles and Lithuanians with pleasure visit the capital of our homeland and its remote corners. Europeans especially appreciate fresh air, improbably beautiful nature and rich cultural traditions. However each foreigner, decided to visit our country (or to remain here forever) is obliged to issue registration. As it to make, and what documents are for this purpose necessary, individual businessman Vavdichik Dmitry Yakimovich will prompt.

 - Dmitry, tell, whether it is necessary to be registered to the foreigner being in the territory of Belarus more than a week, or it is unessential?

This procedure is obligatory! The foreign citizens being in the territory of our country more than 5 days are obliged to issue permission to temporary stay, within 90 days. Exceptions are made only for citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Lithuania and the Republic Latvia. With these countries we signed international treaties, and their citizens can be in Belarus without registration till 30 days from the date of entrance.

- Whether are necessary what - or the basis to issue permission to temporary stay?

Ruled stay of foreign citizens in the territory of our country are established by Belarus Council of ministers the Decree No. 73. According to this resolution, for registration of permission to temporary stay of the basis aren't necessary!

 - What documents the foreigner for receiving permission to temporary stay should provide?

To issue permission to temporary stay till 90 days it is necessary to provide: 1. The petition of the accepting person or the written statement of the established sample 2. The document confirming the right of entrance on the territory of Belarus (it can be the passport or other other document provided by the Legislation) 3. The receipt on payment of the state tax, at a rate of 0,5 base sizes. 4. Migration card 5. Insurance policy.

- How permission to temporary stay long becomes?

The question of registration of foreign citizens is solved on territories of Belarus in day of the address. Besides, term of temporary stay always can be prolonged - in the migration card the mark with the indication of additional term of stay is put.

 - With this question everything became extremely clear. And what such temporary residence? For what term he can be received?

Temporary residence means by itself finding of the foreign person in the territory of Republic of Belarus more than 90 days, but no more than one year. - As I believe, the bases are necessary for its receiving, which? - The bases for receiving permission to temporary residence are provided by Article 48 of the Legislation of Republic of Belarus. Them are: 1. Stay in RB territory for the purpose of passing of training 2. Conducting labor or business activity 3. Existence close relatives of citizens of Belarus 4. Marriage to a citizen / national of the Republic of Belarus 5. Refugee status or a request for political asylum in Belarus 6. Availability of housing 7. The need for medical care in health facilities of Belarus 7. Other grounds by the law of the Republic of Belarus. I would like to draw attention to the fact that the foreign national previously married to a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, it is also the basis for obtaining a residence permit.

- What documents are required for the registration?

To issue a temporary residence permit must be submitted to the bodies of internal affairs at the place of the intended stay the following documents: 1. Application 2. Standard application form 3. Document confirming the existence of grounds for temporary residence 4. Document confirming the right to travel abroad 5. Migration card, in which the presence of the stamp registration 6. Insurance 7. Certificate of Eligibility for registration at the intended place of residence 8. Receipt of payment of the prescribed fee.

- And whether a foreigner in this confirm the availability of cash to stay in this country?

Yes, of course. This is required - How long does a decision to issue or refuse a residence permit? - The decision is made within 15 days from the date of filing. Information about this is sent to a foreign person, in writing, at the place of temporary residence.

- What can you tell us about the issue of a residence permit? Are there any features in its design?

The residence permit is an official document that is issued to foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Belarus. However, to get to be the base by the law. In simple terms, this is the "second passport", which provides foreign nationals rights and social guarantees, which are required by law. For example, free health care, employment, education and more. The procedure itself is a residence permit is simple and no special features in it. You must be just large enough to collect the documents. The existence of grounds for this requirement. This you can see on our website in the section

- And the last question, how much does it cost to design one of these modes of stay?

Making a temporary residence permit for foreigners is $ 2 at the rate of National Bank of Belarus in the day, and pay the registration fee for the registration of 50 000 rubles. Temporary accommodation will cost a foreign citizen at $ 500 at the rate of National Bank of Belarus, plus payment of state duties of the two (the first of 50 000 rubles, and the second in the amount of 300 thousand rubles). Assistance in obtaining a residence permit is $ 800 U.S.. However, you should know that the registration of temporary residence permits and residence permits can only be grounds (except for citizens of the Russian Federation with a residence permit in the Republic of Belarus).