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The acquisition of citizenship

To become the citizen of Republic of Belarus(to purchase citizenship) it is possible in next cases:

  • at birth on territory of Belorussia
  • as a result of receipt of citizenship of Republic of Belarus on certain grounds
  • in order of registration
  • in other cases envisaged by Legislation of Republic of Belarus

A child gets  citizenship of Republic of Belarus in cases if :

  • one of parents new-born is citizen Republic of Belarus (without depending on the birth-place of child)
  • at birth of child on territory of Republic of Belarus at persons without  citizenship, that constantly resident in our republic.

A child being on territory of Republic of Belarus, the parents of that are unknown, gets citizenship automatically.

That swings to other category of persons, then  under reaching 18 - summer age  they are right to appeal to the corresponding organs with a statement about a reception in Belarusian citizenship(at presence of certain  grounds) and here observes next terms:

  • is obliged to observe the Constitution and other legislation
  • knows one of the State languages (Belarusian, Russian) conversational
  • after registration of temporary residence permits by foreign nationals must continuously is located on the territory of Belarus. Continuous residence is where the alien leaves the country for not more than 3 months each year-has a legitimate source of income
  • abandons the other citizenship

Persons officially recognized as refugees in accordance with the established procedure and had lived in the RB 7 years after obtaining this status may be granted citizenship automatically upon expiration of the RB. However, it can be reduced to the following categories of persons:

  • ethnic Belarusians
  • individuals with outstanding achievements in the Republic of Belarus (science, arts, sports, technology, etc.), or have skills that are of interest to our country
  • common–law citizenship Republic of Belarus

Important: admission to citizenship of BELARUS is carried out only on the basis of the interests of the State of citizenship of the Republic of Belarus On!

 Without complying with the above conditions may apply:

  • children residing permanently in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, of a joint declaration by the parents (provided that one citizen of Belarus), either on the application of one parent (the citizen), if the location of the second is not established
  • children within the territory of the Republic of Belarus, left without parents
  • children parents who refused the child's upbringing, deprived of parental rights, adoption, granted permission to found the missing

-persons deprived of legal capacity, the tutorship or curatorship (the guardian)