A simplified system for obtaining a residence permit

The question of acquisition of nationality is one of the most difficult in the nation-building processes directly affected because of life plans, and as a consequence of human fate. That is why the problem of acquiring citizenship is always relevant.

Citizenship involves providing all of the rights and obligations stipulated by law, and the protection of not only inside the country but also abroad. In other words, between the citizen and the State adds a kind of partnership with each other.

Under the existing definition, citizenship is a legal institution based on human interaction with the State law, under whose jurisdiction he is regardless of the place of residence or stay.

Lack of citizenship could lead to social conflict and the person with this status is not desirable. For this reason, the reduction of cases of "stateless" is a generally accepted principle of international law (this is the main principle in the legislation of Belarus).

The main feature of citizenship in our country is that Republic of Belarus is a young State. In the USSR, it did not receive proper development as underestimating the national factor. This has led to negative consequences in terms of becoming an independent State. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, citizenship has been called the cornerstone and the means of achieving the maximum supervision. In the Republic of Belarus the Institute acquired its traits, by expanding the spheres of international relations with other countries in the world. For this reason, the problem of nationality have acquired special significance, as it had become subject to political, economic, ethnic and other issues relating to the general population and the nation as a whole.

Legislation on nationality could lead to internal strife and the opposite – to improve international relations and promote economic development. In our country the Institute received enough positive development. In the Republic of Belarus has developed its own traditions and selected conceptual approach to addressing the issue. Legislation on nationality is very dynamic and is improving year after year.

Currently, the main document regulating questions of nationality (RB) is the Act of August 1, 2002 Goda "on citizenship of the Republic of Belarus". In the 2006 and 2010 year it introduced a number of significant changes, according to the priorities of State policy and demographic situation in the country. in accordance with international agreements of BELARUS with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Federation, there is a simplified procedure of acquiring citizenship.

For example, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic permanently residing on the territory of the Republic of Belarus have the right to a simplified procedure for obtaining nationality with respect to at least one of the following conditions:

-the applicant was a citizen of the former USSR was born and resided on the territory of our Republic until December 21, 1991 year

-applicant have a relative who has citizenship and resides permanently in the territory of our Republic.

The applicant for citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic shall indicate:

-a passport of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic;

-passport of the USSR 1974 model year, with mark about registration in Kyrgyzstan on December 15, 1990 year either on February 14, 1994;

-certificate of the competent authority of the Kyrgyz Republic confirming the attachment of a person to the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Applications relating to the acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Belarus are served in internal affairs bodies by place of permanent abode (Favorites).

 in this case, there is no need to wait for seven years. The statement was seen within three months from the day of filing!