The most expensive visa

Today I would like to tell you a story about how, as a citizen of America got the most expensive visa in the world, in Belarus.

It all began with what American Chris Guilbeaux set himself the goal: to visit every country in the world to the year 2013. By August of last year in his list there are only 50 countries, among which was our beloved Belarus. It is a visa for BELARUS traveler and calls it "the most expensive in the world." However, the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus States that American just fundamentally out of luck.

“I never could imagine that in order to obtain a visa you need to assemble and fill with so much paperwork! But for visa processing in Belarus is exactly how it happened. First, I brought a stack of papers to suit my application, then another pile upon arrival at the airport. I was starting to think that I received Belarusian citizenship or something like that. By the way, my first attempt to visit the country in a fundamentally failed because the visa support service constantly send me paper for revision. Finally, I, as a law-abiding citizen, gave up all five pieces of paper, but it turned out ... that you had to pay "six". By the way, the migration service received an earful for it while I waited. I was expecting to pay $ 125, but the money ran out. It turned out that the price for visa for citizens of United States has risen to 420 $. In addition, the service was not all denominations, since some of them were "old". After much speculation, it was decided to send a service representative with me in order to withdraw money from the card. But that's not the end. ATM refused to issue the missing money (wonder why!). We came back and then went to the Bank. After long wanderings I pasted your Visa and passport stamped with. But this is still not the point! Apart from these little nuances, the Belarusian people was very hospitable. The guy who escorted me to the ATM, few knew English, and gladly I spoke about my beautiful country and it was great! Of course, Belarus cannot be heavy on bureaucracy, but no one was rude to me! For all the time I never felt that I was being bullied. So, the myth that in Belarus "frightening" is merely a myth). This is a great place where clean, comfortable, and unbelievably beautiful! Yes, I will pay for the visa is unrealistic, but many believe that it was worth it! "

The Foreign Ministry of Belarus has commented on the situation:

 "If a subject considered" American Adventure "in Belarus, I would like to mention a few points. It is difficult for us to comment on the good faith "the visa support service" to which turned Chris. It's easy to assume that this is one of the travel agencies, which he found on the Internet. If the company is solid, long and high, and no problems occur. I personally know many foreigners who have these issues resolved in a matter of minutes – query reply. Another question is if newbie stumbled upon or layman ... A seasoned traveler must take account of these aspects. Here you can give only one recommendation: carefully pick up Tourist Organization, consider the variability of their proposals, mobility, as well as work experience on the Belarusian market. "

So, welcome to Belarus!