Immigration to Belarus

Every year Belarus becomes more and more attractive country for foreign businessmen. Development of foreign economic relations led to that for the last years the most frequent reason of immigration to Belarus is business opening here, or investments in already existing.

Ordinary foreign citizens as well as businessmen, too with pleasure move to our country. After all in Belarus not only fine ecology and the beautiful nature, but also a worthy standard of living which constantly raises. Besides, all new workplaces not only for citizens of our country, but also for foreigners are annually created.

However it is necessary to take into consideration that in Belarus rather strict laws which concern questions of immigration of foreign citizens. Strong reasons, such as are for this purpose necessary:

  •  Investments into economy of Republic of Belarus of not less than 150 000 euros;
  •  The foreign citizen is the ethnic Belarusian;
  •  Official marriage with the citizen of Republic of Belarus;
  •  Official employment as the expert whom our country;
  •  The other bases provided by the Legislation.

So needs, one of ways to immigrate to Belarus on the lawful bases is to have the Belarusian nationality. In this case the foreigner who wants to receive residence permit, should be born in the territory of Republic of Belarus till 1991 (then still the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic) and to provide the birth certificate.

One more simple and most widespread way of immigration is the family option. So, if the foreign citizen has the relatives constantly living in the territory of Republic of Belarus and being citizens of Belarus, it has the right to apply for receiving residence permit in our country. Marriage with the citizen of ours соentry also is a strong reason to immigrate in Belarus.

If the foreigner is an expert (the athlete, the scientist) which our country needs, it too can obtain without problems permit to continuous accommodation (especially experts in the agricultural sphere).

Immigration to Belarus on the basis of investments. In recent years this way of immigration becomes more and more popular. Any investments in economy of Republic of Belarus at the rate from 150 000 thousand euros, give a guarantee to the investor on receiving residence permit in Republic of Belarus.

By number of immigrants Belarus takes leading positions among CIS countries. And it isn't surprising, after all despite the strict legislation, our country is that where it is possible to provide bright future to itself and the children.