Education in Belarus.

More foreign students prefer to Belarusian universities. This is due to the fact that our country has given an excellent education, and in-depth knowledge in many specialties. Every year the standards of education closer to the European. Now Belarusian higher educational establishments involved 10,486 students from 84 countries! This is approximately 2% of the total number of students. By 2015, the task is to increase the export of educational services three times. In the University of the BSU currently has about 2,000 foreigners. This year we plan to take about 400 students from abroad. The main emphasis is on young people from Latin America, Africa and Russia.

As a foreigner to become a student in Belarus?

Foreigners have two channels for entering the university. Those who do not speak Russian, first trained at preparatory training and receiving a certificate, have the right to continue their education in college. Foreigners who do not have such evidence should be interviewed on major subjects with the commission of the institution. That is a kind of exam orally. Interview on Russian language in this case necessarily.

In order to improve performance and to take in the first year is really deserving students in BSU plans to introduce Russian language tests for those who have not been trained in the preparatory department. UNIVERSITY representatives say: ‘We are aware that in this way we can deter foreign students, but believe me, it will be completely justified!” Today, when applying for a preparatory department, a foreign student pays 900 hours of Russian language and 300 hours of two major subjects. A total of 1200 hours is obtained. This is quite an effective plan.

Graduating in Belarus, foreigners are learning in their curricula. They reduced subjects such as physical education, health and safety, BOB and others, but at the expense of increasing the number of hours on the Russian language. This allows the rate to 3-4 two to master the state language of the Republic of Belarus. International students enrolled in college as a result the final test preparation courses. Those foreign students who do not have on hand-held certificates oral interview, as mentioned earlier. So inform the Ministry of Education of Belarus.

The exceptions are citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, they are credited to the university on the basis of centralized testing. If one parent is a Belarusian entrant, he gets the same right of admission, as a citizen of Belarus. Foreign citizens who do not pass the centralized testing, can apply for admission to 15 October.

How much they cost?

With foreign students is somewhat different contract. In particular there is no point to raise tuition fees in connection with the growth of wages in Belarus. The last increase tuition fees by 30% in no way affect international students.

Why Belarus?

Our state is located in the heart of Eastern Europe, and has long supported the best traditions of world-class education. In Belarus, flexible and mobile system that makes it easy to learn all the necessary knowledge. In our country, not only to welcome not only the national traditions, but also experience the worlds best universities. Training of specialists is the tight integration with science, modern technology, and creative activities of students and teachers. In Belarus, there are 43 public and 10 private universities, which hold leading positions in Eastern Europe. Choosing education in Belarus, foreign students receive high-quality, cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are sure to help in the construction of the future. A country where the training is a way of life and cultural traditions. In universities Belarus prepared not only excellent professionals but also promote the harmonious development of the individual. Students participate in a variety of concerts, festivals, conferences and seminars. On the basis of higher education institutions operate many creative groups that are well known outside the country. Choosing training in Belarus, foreign students choose a better future for themselves. This is the main reason, a hundred young people are so eager to become a student of our school.